Month: May 2020

Four ways the Pocket Salon app will make your appointment easier (and safer)

Hands holding a white Samsung smartphone with the index finger poised to touch the screen. The person, wearing a white garment with red polka dots, appears ready to use the Pocket Salon app, making appointment scheduling easier and safer.

Source: Pexels

As the world reopens and enters into a phase of the new normal, here at Varuna Salon in Annapolis we’ve been adapting to find ways to keep distance while also doing what we love for our Annapolis community. Enter the Salon Pocket app, which lets you check yourself in and out for appointments, text your stylist questions, buy products anytime, calculate tipping percentages, and more, all from your phone (safely, from a distance). Read on to see four reasons we love the app, and then download it to your smartphone to get started.


Instead of waiting in a line to check-in for your appointment (and stressing about keeping six feet from everyone else) you can skip the front desk entirely and check-in virtually. When you’re done with your appointment, skip the lines and people (again) by checking yourself out through the app. The time saved and peace of mind is priceless.


In these times, having virtual consultations with your stylist can be a big help. Text them about a new color, cut or style, and get their input on what it will take to get the hair of your dreams—all through the phone.


When you want to try something new or restock on your old, trusted favorites, skip the retail section and use the app to purchase. And if you’re at Varuna Salon for a service, you can ask your stylist about what products they are using, add them to your cart, and grab them on your way out.


Calculating the tip on the spot can be confusing—but the Pocket Salon app pre-calculates gratuity levels for you. So you don’t have to feel rushed or awkward while you fumble with quick math.

Are you ready to start your Pocket Salon experience? Download the Pocket Salon app here.