Spa Packages

Calming Embrace
3 hr | 189
Slip into a calming state of mind with our 60-minute Elemental Nature™ Massage and a 30-minute Tulasara™ Facial, followed by a Classic Blowout and a Finishing Touch Makeup Application.
Elements of Focus**
3.5 hr | 261
Focus on the elements of total well-being with a 60-minute Tulasara™ Facial combined with our soothing Ayurvedic Eye Treatment, a 60-minute Elemental Nature™ Massage. Complete your experience with our shampoo blowdry.
Lavendou for Two
4.5 hr | 306
Sometimes the best medicine is a massage – enjoy a 60-minute Couple’s Massage followed by the comfort and relaxation of an Aveda Reflexology Foot Treatment for two.
3.5 hr | 300
This purifying and nurturing treatment is based on the science of Ayurveda, the ancient art of healing in India. Experience a series of innovative exfoliation and techniques to help relax the body, calm the mind, relieve tension and purify the body.
We begin with our Neti Massage on the face to clear and address lymphatic drainage. Then, we dry brush the entire body. After dry brushing, we use a series of techniques to help eliminate metabolic waste stored in the body. Your body will be warmed and purified using an aroma blend of your choice in the healing steam of the Swedena.
An even deeper relaxation is created with our Shirodhara, a warm, plant-based oil, which is directed in a continuous stream on to the forehead. This helps calm and soothe the central nervous system – a great mind and body experience that will aid and support your body as you recover from stress and heal. Your service will then be followed by a Classic Blowout with a complete Makeup Application.
3 hr 15min | 279
De-stress your mind and body with our Stress-Fix™ services. Infused with organic French lavender, frankincense and clary sage, you will leave feeling renewed and de-stressed. You will begin with our signature Stress-Fix™ 60-minute Massage – clinically proven to reduce stress, followed by our Stress-Fix™ Foot Soak with Reflexology and Stress-Fix™ Body Wrap .
Becoming Mom**
2 hr 45min | 269
This day of nurturing for the expectant mother begins with a soothing 60-minute Pregnancy Massage followed by our signature 30-minute Pure Focus™ Facial. A Shampoo Blowdry and 30 minute makeup will leave you feeling both comforted and uplifted at the completion of this restorative experience.
You’re Beautiful**
3.5 hr | 373
Take the time to connect to your inner beauty with our Beautifying Body Treatment, which will leave your skin and senses feeling rejuvenated and uplifted. The aromas of organic rosemary, lavender and other pure plant and flowers essences will enhance your experience.
Followed by our Foot Soak with Reflexology. Finish the experience with a Classic Blowout and 30 minute Makeup Application. Your inner beauty will be restored and you will look and feel beautiful.
Experience Ayurveda
3.5 hr | 265
Step into the experience of Ayurveda. Abhyanga is a restorative warm oil massage which releases metabolic impurities that our held deep in the tissues. This holistic massage with healing touch techniques, combined with warm anointed oils will ease the tension in deeper muscles.
We will use Marma therapy on the scalp and include our Ayurvedic Eye Treatment to reduce stress and help restore balance. In addition, you will receive the healing steam of a Swedena treatment. This package includes a Classic Blowout and a Makeup Application.

**Indicates NEW Package**