Month: February 2020

Earth Month 2020


As you know, Earth Month is just around the corner and we’re participating with Aveda to raise money towards clean water. We will be hosting our Earth Month Event in April as well, so please stay tuned for more details!
Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Your donation will help change that. If you’re interested in donating, please click here.
Thank you for supporting our Earth Month 2020 campaign. Together we will show how we care by helping change lives forever!



Best of Annapolis 2020!

Magazine cover titled "What's Up? Annapolis Best of 2020," featuring bold text in red, black, blue, and yellow on a yellow background.

Varuna Aveda has won Best of Annapolis 2020 for “FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL STAFF AND REFLEXOLOGY”!

We are so honored to be chosen in these categories by the community that we call home. We would like to thank YOU, our Annapolis family, that took the time to vote for us and look forward to continuing to provide you a holistic sanctuary with a servants heart.
Your Varuna Aveda Family

Which NutriPlenish™ Products Are Right For You?

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Whatever your hair type or texture, hydration is key to making strands look smooth and feel soft and manageable. Your hair is as unique as you are and different hair has different hydration needs. That’s why we’ve created two shampoo and conditioner formulas—Light and Deep Moisture―for our NEW nutriplenish™ collection, so you can give your hair the drink of nutrients it needs—whether it’s fine and straight or curly and coily—with the product texture that’s best for you.


First thing’s first: what’s the difference? Your hair type is its density—is it fine or medium? Your hair texture is the personality of your hair; it’s where you sit on the curl chart—from 1A to 4C.

The beauty is, nutriplenish™ works on all hair textures. The nutriplenish™ difference? You can choose the what’s right for you. Our hair experts have put together a useful cheat sheet to help you decide between Light and Deep Moisture.

However you choose to hydrate, every hair type and texture can benefit from the added nourishment that nutriplenish™ provides in order to improve its luster, softness and manageability.

Although there is no “right” answer, here’s a handy cheat sheet to help you find the right nutriplenish™ for you.

Light Moisture VS. Deep Moisture Chart



Light Moisture is enriched with fast-absorbing oils, so you receive intense hair hydration without the heaviness.


+ Your hair is fine to medium in density.

+ You prefer a lighter formula.

+ You’re looking for softness, and manageability.

+ You usually wash daily to keep hair looking fresh.


Deep Moisture contains 50% more nourishing butters than our Light collection and is specifically designed for hair that craves a serious moisture boost from a richer formula.


+ Your hair is medium to thick in density.+ You prefer a richer, deeper formula.+ You desire more intense detangling during the shampooing process.

+ You’re looking for softness, and manageability.

+ You usually like to leave time between washes in order to keep hair moisturized.


What is Facial Cupping? No Botox Needed!

Facial Cupping is a wonderful and natural alternative to abrasive procedures such as botox and filler. Using a gentle suction cup technique sized for the face, you will notice immediate plumping and radiance with no down time! Watch our YouTube tutorial and testament HERE !

Facial Cupping Benefits:

increase oxygen-rich blood circulation  
strengthening of the skin and connective tissues
stimulates cells responsible for collagen production
relaxes muscle tension

Because of this, Facial Cupping is said to:

brighten skin
minimize the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles
tone chin, jawline, neck, and décolletage
decrease puffiness
regulate oil production
improve nutrient delivery and product absorption