Director of Services, Licensed Massage Therapist & Reiki Master

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Director of Services

Licensed Massage therapist

Reiki Master Usui/ Master Reiki Egyptian Sekhem

Shamanic Practitioner of Andean Cosmology

Lucia’s love of Aveda was sparked early on in her career. She always knew that Aveda’s mission and culture were intuitively hers. She continues to do massage and spends time training and mentoring the staff on the culture of Aveda and creating the best Aveda Experience. She empowers her staff to think outside the box and always honor the journey in their lives.

Lucia has been in the industry for over 20 years. Her career in the beauty industry started at a very early age. She grew up in her father’s barbershop in Washington, DC. Her interest and studies developed very early with natural products and alternative healing. At the age of 20, she started her healing journey with Reiki. After receiving her first reiki attunement, she had a deep connection and passion for the healing arts. It propelled her journey, and she decided to pursue a career in Massage therapy. Lucia Graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage for Medical Massage therapy in 2000. She has extensive knowledge in various modalities of bodywork, including Ayurvedic bodywork, myofascial release, deep tissue, cupping, and working with terminally ill clients. Her mission is to create a healing and sacred environment and deeper awareness within her guests. Lucia continued her Reiki education and, in 2014, received her Master level in Usui Reiki, and in 2017 received her Master Reiki in Egyptian Sekhem. She completed her Shamanic practitioner internship in 2021 with the Shamanic Institute of Annapolis. Lucia believes learning never ends and continues her passions with Aveda.