Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions by our certified NaturaLash Technicians


Lash Extensions are single synthetic lashes that are adhered to guest’s individual eyelashes, one at a time. Lashes will add length, thickness and fullness that can’t be achieved with traditional makeup. For more frequently asked questions please visit here!


Full Set Lash Extensions | $250 |3 hours

Every existing natural lash is extended with a synthetic lash


Natural Set Lash Extensions | $175 | 2 hours

Every other existing natural lash is extended with a synthetic lash


Cat Eye Set Lash Extension | $125 | 1 hour and 30mins

Extensions focused on outer edge of lashes for “cat eye” look


Lash Extension Maintenance


Full Lash Fill | $100 | 2 hours


Natural Lash Fill |$90 | 1-1 hour and 30 mins


Cat Eye Lash Fill | $60 | 30-45 mins

*Lash fill is recommended 2-3 weeks after all initial set of lashes. After 2-3 weeks of time, it will be considered a full set of lashes.


**Please cleanse and brush your lashes before your fill to give us more time lashing!
$50 Deposit is required for first set of lashes
$25 Deposit is required for lash fills